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Taking care of healthy soil equals healthy nutritious crops.



Irrigated Land and Crops

We irrigate land with center pivots, a type of sprinkler irrigation.  We control the amount of water throughout crucial times of the growing season to keep our crops healthy and give them the best yield potential.  With most of our irrigation, technology enables us to monitor the location of each pivot as well as change the amounts of water being applied and to shut the pivots down or start them up.  It takes time and energy  to keep each pivot running smoothly.




Dry Land Crops

Dry land farming has evolved as a set of techniques and management practices used by Oatney Agriculture to continually improve soil and yields with limited rain. 


Oatney Land Management

Taking care of people and the land they own with care!  Improving land,yields,profit for those we work with!


Wanted, Farmland for Rent or Sale near Reno County Kansas

Do you have farmland for rent or sale in or near Reno County Kansas? We’d like to talk to you. If you have farm acreage for sale or rent in Reno, Rice, McPherson, Harvey, Stafford, or Sedgwick counties in Kansas, contact us today. Trust the Oatney Farms to manage rental acreage with the same care and stewardship as we do our own land.