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Black Angus Cattle

Angus cattle were first brought into America in the 1870’s and 1880’s from Scotland with the hope they would be a breed that would survive well on the plains and especially be able to withstand the cold winters. The characteristic features of the breed are black color, polled head, compact and low-set body, fine quality of flesh, and high dressing percentage. The Angus is a beef breed of the highest rank, and for years purebred or crossbred Angus steers have held high places of honor at the leading fat-stock shows in Great Britain and the United States.


Quarter Horses

Though the American Quarter Horse has roots in the colonial era, it was the westward expansion of the 1800’s that gave the horse breed its true shape. When these “colonial Quarter Horses” were bred with American Mustangs, descended from the Spanish horses of early settlers with a Thoroughbred blood line, the offspring were born with a natural instinct for working with cattle.

The American Quarter Horse is well known both as a race horse and for its performance in rodeos, horse shows, and as a working ranch horse.


St. Bernards

Saint Bernards are loving, placid dogs. Their instinctive friendliness is likely to offset a stranger’s initial fear of approaching such a large dog. A male Saint Bernard’s height can range between 28 and 30 inches, and he can weigh between 140 and 180 pounds. A female’s height may range between 26 and 28 inches, and she may weigh between 120 and 140 pounds.